The abandonment of Iranian Feminists

For decades, the voices of Iranian feminists, especially those living in Iran, has been silenced in many spaces, including the mainstream, the academic left, and activist movements in the west. If it’s not exclusion due to racism, it’s the dismissal of our oppression for seemingly “contradicting” the fight against imperialism and Islamophobia in the global north.

There has been nowhere, other than amongst ourselves, to express our grief and outrage for what’s been happening in Iran for almost 44 years. Any sense of solidarity has only been felt within our own community, which itself is rife with fractures like many other diasporas.

In the last 40 days, the IR regime has been killing, kidnapping, disappearing, arresting and torturing protestors, dissenters, artists, activists, and intellectuals, viciously and relentlessly. Atrocities are being unleashed on young women and children’s bodies. Anyone vocalizing their dissent is eliminated.

Despite it all, the revolution is stronger and more defiant than ever.

The women, youth, and children of Iran are asking us to amplify their voices from the privilege of our homes in the global north. There are continuous massive internet black-outs so they can’t tell the world themselves.
Solidarity with the Iranian people doesn’t have to be controversial. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And yet asking for this support feels like pulling teeth.

Today, I said to an Iranian friend, “It feels as though we’re all we’ve got.” And she replied, “Yes, sis. In more powerful ways than ever before.”

So I’m not holding my breath for the solidarity of non-Iranians in the global north, especially from feminist activists. I’ve said my piece, made my notes, and moved on. ✌️

Immense love to all Iranian sisters and brothers in the diaspora who despite it all (the risks, the fear, the threats, the trolls, the trauma) are being loud AF. It’s not easy. And you are not alone.

We’re all together.
ما همه با هم هستیم

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