Debut Chapbook, Contusions!

Forthcoming Debut Chapbook, Contusions (June 2021)

I have been bursting to make this announcement. My chapbook, Contusions, is out to the world in June! A huge thank you to Locked Horn Press for giving my poems a printed home. And for making this all happen.

Currently, Contusions is in pre-order status on the Locked Horn Press website – click here to order.

The news of winning the 2020 LHP Urgency Chapbook contest came during one of the toughest years, both personally and globally. Part of me wanted to withhold the celebration of it. And in a way, I did.

Then as we inched closer to the printing of the book, I realized something. These poems blossomed out of some of the toughest moments in my life. If my words bring anything to your, dear reader, may it be the promise of healing.

With excitement and gratitude,

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