Blood Moon

The full moon shines her light today until she is eclipsed for one hour and 23 minutes. ONE HOUR AND 23 MINUTES. The longest eclipse of this century. Eclipses allow for deep inner reflection regarding some uncomfortable things, including the roots of our fears. From this we gain wisdom to do right by ourselves, to do right by each other. There will be resurfacings, intense emotions & discomfort. And all we have to do is hold compassion for ourselves, and simply observe, simply be.

The last few weeks in Toronto has seen a wave of violence and death, some of it rooted in underlying social issues we are not addressing justly as a city. We recently saw the election of a populist, right-wing Premier who, like Trump, has no real political experience or heart.

There is fear and anxiety in the air for many reasons. And understandably so. And with the murder of Nia Wilson (in the Bay Area), it has been a breaking point for many. Especially Black women, who experience unsafe spaces and the threat of violence (and have done so for generations) in a way that white women, and even those of us Women of Colour (who are not Black) will never know.

As individuals, we need to look at what solidarity really means. And deeply reflect on the real lived implications of racism, mysogyny, poverty, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other forms of (systemic) violence that exist. Let’s also deeply reflect on how oppressive points of view are deeply connected to acts of violence. They are one and the same.

So this full moon eclipse, this Blood Moon, let’s move with heart, not ego. Let’s reflect on how we can support those we say we care about. Those with systemic privilege, listen and hold space with an open heart. And let’s have those difficult conversations, and not hide from the intensity of emotion. Because it will be there. And there is place for it. And because we have to. It’s the only way.

All Love.

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