Ecliptic (Fifth Cycle)

seven years severe
this stretch/a vulgar fraction
a division of self 49 times over
seeking refuge in giving refuge
holding head with both hands swallowing
stories in sequence
mathematics always

seven is the number of skies
the number of doors to hell
there is no shimmer in loss only mass
buried beneath seven layers of earth
each young body sacred in death
yet desecrated in breath
rupture of humanity always

seven ayat sura repeat seventeen times
mouth full of sand muted
prayer exposure to light limited
still my neck extends back
third eye to seventh sky
for protection
motion ecliptic always

seven times seven this eve
i hold babygirl’s fingers curl mine
over hers raw this love
where breath is where light resides
not within (but between)
seven kisses on her forehead
brilliance reflected always

seven blessings within seven signs
exaltation of Truth of self of love
everything is everything is nothing
a countdown to zero –
possibilities infinite (re)birth
seven rotations repeating self
elevation is cyclical always

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